Testimonial from Johnny Shryock Photography


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During the early phases of my photography career, I was still a high school teacher and I did not devote enough time to managing my revenue and expenses from my photography business.  My business evolved very organically and in the early phases, I made a few classic accounting errors.  For example, I never had a specific start date where I created a separate bank account for photography.  I came to iAccounting Solutions at a point where my business was running successfully, but I lacked a good system for tracking my revenue and expenses.  I decided to use Xero, an online cloud-based accounting platform, but I wanted to talk with an expert about best practices.  I set up a consulting call with Stephan Goldsmith to learn more about the Xero workflow, and also to fill in some gaps in my education regarding business accounting.  Later, I made the move to hire iAccounting Solutions to input all of my historical data into Xero.  This was a very challenging job, involving categorizing and inputting transactions from both my personal accounts and my photography account.  Now, all of my past business transactions are clean and tidy in Xero and it is such a relief to have it all done correctly.  I can go inside my account and everything is there.  From the original consulting call through the large task of setting up my Xero account with all of my past transactions, iAccounting Solutions has been phenomenal every step of the way!  I am so glad I hired them.


Thanks Johnny!

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