Financial Planning

Employees Vs. Contractors

Every business owner goes through the process of deciding how to hire someone when they get to the point where they’ve outgrown their current situation or just need a bit of extra help.  You’ve found the right candidate and now you need to decide whether or not to hire a contractor or employee…this is where …

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Top Year-end Tips For Your Business

We love the holidays and the season of gifts, getting together with family and friends and frankly just kicking back.  But as you un-plug for a few weeks this is a great time to think about the new year and making positive changes for your business.  Here’s our top tips for changes you can make …

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Year-End Small Business Checklist

Don’t get caught at year-end with nasty surprises. Read our post about how to prepare for next year.

Budgeting: Reactive or Proactive?

Whether you’re budgeting for your business, organization, or a department you’re in charge of, it can be a daunting task!  But believe it or not, the nuts of bolts of how to create, manage, and execute a budget is the easy part.  Most often, the challenge is to train ourselves how to treat the funds …

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