What we do

Tax Planning

Anyone can record the right numbers in the right places. But we take it a step further and help you look into the future so you can plan ahead. Tax Planning consists of in-depth analysis of your current tax situation and strategizing with tax-cutting strategies to reduce your tax liability. Most businesses see the effect before year-end by adjusting their estimated tax payments and then at year-end with a 5-year outlook.

Your Tax Plan Report is also followed up by working with you to implement the strategies to ensure you’re doing them correctly and efficiently.

Income Tax Filings

Income taxes have due dates and deadlines so we’ll help any of our tax planning clients with their filings. Our tax services are done by our trained professional staff with several years of experience working with businesses just like yours. Rest assured we file accurate and timely tax returns.

Fractional CFO: Helping You Achieve Your Goals

We realize that running your business takes most if not all of your time. Which probably leaves you with little time to work on growing your business. We have a proven system that allows us to work side-by-side with business owners to meet their financial goals. The impact of meeting your goals can make or break your business. We can help!

Measuring Your Progress

We will work with you to increase revenue, gross profit, net profit, net income and reduce fixed costs, reduce taxes, and build wealth. Along the way we’ll keep looking for opportunities to save tax, build and protect your wealth. We work with you month in month out and measure your progress in weekly meetings to ensure you’re on track. We use the latest technology to make this process as painless as possible and clearly laid out reports.


The business is yours so while we can do a lot of heavy lifting, ultimately, the success of your business is up to you! We will be there to hold your accountable to your goals and work with you to get things done!

The Crystal Ball for Your Business

Cash Is King

Every business needs cash to stay afloat. That’s why we can help you figure out any “if” scenario that comes up that effects your cash. And by using technology, we can help you project different scenarios so you can plan of the future.These are some scenarios that can effect your business:

Don’t put up with being in the dark anymore. Know what’s coming to you can be prepared!

Be Accountable and Meet Your Goals

Tracking your income, expenses, and other key metrics don’t really matter if you don’t check to see if you’re meeting your goals. We provide a holistic budgeting system that helps hold you accountable to your goals. We’ll meet and walk you through each step so there’s nothing left unturned.

Plan Ahead

Budgeting consists of setting up your projected income and expenses, and then tracking your actual results against it. We’ll set you up with the tools to not only track what you’ve done, but will also allow you to project against different scenarios.

Get the Right Tools

We’ll show you how to stay on your budget by using the right tools for for you business. By using best practices and techniques, we’ll set up for success!

We speak Technology, Apps, and the Language of Business

Technology plays a huge role at iAccounting Solutions and makes what we do, possible. Not only does it make us more efficient, but it gives our clients valuable tools that before were only reserved for large enterprises. Our clients are able to analyze and glean information from their businesses that’s never been available before without a lot of time in a spreadsheet.