Cloud Accounting Spotlight: Working with Your Accountant in the Cloud

Recently I was talking with a small business owner and when I mentioned tax and accounting in the same sentence, they rolled their eyes and the stereo-type that previous accountants have setup for me set in!  So I decided to be candid and ask why the long face?  They gave many reasons, but the overall tone was that communication sucked!

Let’s talk about one of the things that came up: Getting documents to your accountant, and working with the accountant to categorize the transactions.

This sounds like a complicated process right?  Chances are that you’ve experienced some pain doing this before.  Whether it’s faxing or dropping off paper work, emailing spreadsheets back and forth, or having long boring phone calls–it’s painful!   And you’ve put up with it because it’s a necessary evil right?  Well even though it’s necessary, it doesn’t have to be such a pain.

If you’re experiencing this pain, chances are you could improve your life and do this better.  Within the past few years, technology for small businesses has grown leaps and bounds.  With using tools like Xero Accounting, SmartVault, Dropbox, and Google Drive, you can solve a lot of your problems.  For instance, if you work with your accountant on categorizing transactions, did you know Xero Accounting has a feature for this?  Yep, you don’t even have to leave the accounting software to collaborate with your accountant.

Check out this video on how it works:

Have questions about how to use Xero or more about taking the pain of accounting away?  Reach out to us by phone or email and we’ll be happy to chat to see if we can help!

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