Client Spotlight: Demitasse Cafe

We love our clients at iAccounting Solutions!  This is why decided to pick random clients (who want to participate) and “shine a light” on them.


Read about more about this downtown LA Cafe and their take on your cup of coffee!



img6_newMy name is Bobak Roshan and I’m the founder of Demitasse Coffee. We have two coffee bars in Los Angeles and a micro-roastery. We’ve been brewing specialty coffee since 2011.

Why did you start your business?

I was obsessed with coffee my whole life and got more and more into it as I became less and less into the law (I was a lawyer before I jumped into coffee). I decided to get serious about it and left my firm and moved in with my parents while I got the shop off the ground.



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What market/niche do you specialize in?

We market ourselves to people who enjoy quality and a touch of artisanship in their food and drink. We’re quality-obsessed and try to create an experience that will get people thinking of their coffee as more than just a pick-me-up. On the roasting side, we roast lighter than most in order to preserve the natural sweetness inherent in quality coffee.




What do you like most about working in your industry?7024280645_677f36a404_o

Meeting people and crafting fun drinks to get them to think about flavors and coffee in a different way. We try to push the boundaries beyond just “a vanilla latte.” We put a lot of time and effort into each drink we make and I’d like to think it shows! It’s always fun to see people’s reaction when they have a cup of coffee and then exclaim, “whoa. I don’t need to add milk to this!”


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