This month marks 10 years since I set out to create an accounting firm that offered accounting and tax services in a different way than other firms. iAccounting Solutions was born! It’s been a good ride and I have every bit of intention to keep growing and iAccounting Solutions into the firm of my vision–one that offers high-value advisory to its clients. While we’ve made it pretty far and have achieved many goals, there is more to do.

I know this will ring true with a lot small business owners when I say there have been Ok seasons and better seasons and I wouldn’t trade the journey in for anything!

From our humble beginnings on a desk in my apartment in Durham, NC I had a vision for this company. Back then, the technology for small businesses was just emerging into what we have today, which is a plethora of tools to help make the mundane tasks smoother and painless for most businesses. From bank feeds, paperless office solutions, real-time financial dashboards, and information at our fingertips we can finally deliver what we envisioned back in 2009. We’re now an office with 4 staff working across 3 different states and the main office in Redlands, CA.

Into the Future

The pace is picking up as we head into the future and we’re pretty excited to see how iAccounting Solutions can keep evolving and offer valuable services to businesses and their owners. We’ve already shifted from being a bookkeeping and tax only firm to offer more:

  • Tax Planning
  • Cash flow advisory
  • Budget advisory
  • Business planning
  • Entity choice planning
  • R & D Tax Credit Consulting

And of course, we’re still offering tax and accounting compliance services to our clients.

In addition to the new focus we’re taking, we’re also specializing in helping some very particular markets including:

  • Fitness and Health business
  • Professional service professionals
  • Non-profit and religious organizations
  • Cafe’s and small eateries

While we like pretty much everyone but we’re particularly expert in these industries.

Thank you!

From our team to yours, we want to say thank you for all of our clients and what they’ve helped us become. We wouldn’t be here without you! And, if you’re reading this and not a client, hopefully, you’ll become one day in the near future!

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Quin Shakra


It’s been incredible. After three mediocre tax years, I decided to take control of

our accounting, and then Stephan reached out to me when I went looking for

a professional to take care of the things I couldn’t. I’m very hands on – I like to

understand why and how things are done – because it feels important to have an

understanding of how things work during the fledgling stages of our businesses’

growth. In the time I’ve worked with iAccounting Solutions, I’ve learned more than I expected, have

a new respect of the power of numbers, and actually like accounting. I feel like iAccounting Solutions

has been critical to setting the foundations of our business correctly to enable future

growth. These folks are in touch with the tenor of the times – it’s only a matter of

time before cloud accounting becomes the standard way of doing this work, but

they’re already there.  Xero + iAccounting Solutions; can’t recommend them highly enough.

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Johnny Shryock Headshot

During the early phases of my photography career, I was still a high school teacher and I did not devote enough time to managing my revenue and expenses from my photography business.  My business evolved very organically and in the early phases, I made a few classic accounting errors.  For example, I never had a specific start date where I created a separate bank account for photography.  I came to iAccounting Solutions at a point where my business was running successfully, but I lacked a good system for tracking my revenue and expenses.  I decided to use Xero, an online cloud-based accounting platform, but I wanted to talk with an expert about best practices.  I set up a consulting call with Stephan Goldsmith to learn more about the Xero workflow, and also to fill in some gaps in my education regarding business accounting.  Later, I made the move to hire iAccounting Solutions to input all of my historical data into Xero.  This was a very challenging job, involving categorizing and inputting transactions from both my personal accounts and my photography account.  Now, all of my past business transactions are clean and tidy in Xero and it is such a relief to have it all done correctly.  I can go inside my account and everything is there.  From the original consulting call through the large task of setting up my Xero account with all of my past transactions, iAccounting Solutions has been phenomenal every step of the way!  I am so glad I hired them.


Thanks Johnny!

“I am a practicing general dentist and started working with Stephan Goldsmith at iAccounting Solutions in the Spring of 2013…I am continually amazed at the money he saves me, and greatly appreciate all of his money saving advice. He is always available to answer any questions and concerns that I have, relating not only to my taxes, but to the overall money matters of my family. He is very intelligent and friendly, and is also very current with technology. I would highly
recommend Stephan as an accountant for whatever type of business you have.”