Testimonial from All Good Things Organic Seeds/Mano Farm

Quin Shakra


It’s been incredible. After three mediocre tax years, I decided to take control of

our accounting, and then Stephan reached out to me when I went looking for

a professional to take care of the things I couldn’t. I’m very hands on – I like to

understand why and how things are done – because it feels important to have an

understanding of how things work during the fledgling stages of our businesses’

growth. In the time I’ve worked with iAccounting Solutions, I’ve learned more than I expected, have

a new respect of the power of numbers, and actually like accounting. I feel like iAccounting Solutions

has been critical to setting the foundations of our business correctly to enable future

growth. These folks are in touch with the tenor of the times – it’s only a matter of

time before cloud accounting becomes the standard way of doing this work, but

they’re already there.  Xero + iAccounting Solutions; can’t recommend them highly enough.

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